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Confidence B4 Commitment

Confidence B4 Commitment: Release the baggage. Embrace your power. Attract Mr. Right.

Tired of the hookups and heartache? Want to be ready for Mr. Right?
Confidence B4 Commitment delivers jaw-dropping and soul stirring truths about waiting, dating, relating, and all in between. If you’re a single woman who wants to fully embrace her amazingness AND wants to be with Mr. Right one day this book will get you prepped and primed. Most of all you’ll be in position – ready to move from now to not yet with confidence!

Sane in a Sex Filled World
Sane Cover 2015 – angled right 300 pxl

Sane in a Sex Filled World: A Guide to Getting Out of Bed with Mr. Wrong & Getting the Love You Deserve

Don’t get it twisted. Sex with MR. WRONG can never end up on the RIGHT side of love.  In Sane in a Sex Filled World, Award-winning CEO/Founder of You Are Singled Out and motivational speaker, Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn, provides vivid experiences, mindsets, and common mistakes that cause you to fall for the “sex will make him stay” traps in relationships. 

It’s time to do away with the heartache. Ditch the lame lies and mind games. Snatch back your confidence. Get the love you deserve…without hitting the sheets or losing your mind to Mr. Wrong! 

Confidence Couture

Confidence Couture: Wear on the inner. Rock on the outer.

Enjoy our new fashion line that reflects the heart and swag of the Y.A.S.O. movement! Click below to see t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and more!

10 Of the Biggest Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them
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10 Of the Biggest Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them

Tired of painful relationships? Seem like life is passing you by? Want to be fulfilled and be your best? You can break the cycle. But first you have to know where to make necessary changes. Speaker/Author, Kimberly “Brownie” Vaughn energetically counts down the top rated mistakes and shares advice on how to avoid them. Listen on the go and be empowered to live as a successful woman who wins in every area of life!