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Before even making vacation plans, meeting family and friends, and totally flooding your Ig account with pics, and putting your heart on hold for him…make sure you know that you’ve a real man. There’s nothing like having heartache from a boy camouflaging himself as a keeper.

Check out these additional ways to know the difference!


  • A Boy:
    He boasts about what he can do on his own. And turns down people and resources to help him improve in life whether education, employment, spiritually, or relationally. He sees the need for guidance is a sign of weakness and since he refuses it, his strength is only a façade.
  • A Man:
    He can’t make it on his own. He gives gratitude and props to those who have helped shape him into the man he is today. And he readily seeks and receives wisdom to strengthen his decision making. This is what makes him a trusted. He seeks to get guidance to be a more effective leader, mate, father, and loving human.


  • A Boy:He tries to make growth occur by his standards and attempts to fit progress into his comfort zone. He justifies stagnation by blaming past difficulties without even trying.
  • A Man: He sees the better and seizes the opportunity. He senses when he’s outgrown a season of life. This doesn’t mean he hops all over the place, but he’s not overtly stubborn to move and make life improvements (i.e. for job/career, church, friends, and marriage).

    Brownie Point:
    “If he doesn’t stand for standards, he’ll lead you to fall for a failure.”


  • A Boy:He’s ready, then he’s not. He’s going to support you, then he doesn’t show up. He’s dedicated for a minute, and then quits the next. He changes his mind faster than Donald Trump changes a segment of people to offend. You just can’t rely on this guy to be stable. He’s hard to predict and often leaves you hearing tons of explanations why he’s suddenly changes his mind.
  • A Man:
    He’s a man of his word. If he setups QT or signs up to do a job, he sticks to it. He often under-promises and over-delivers because he doesn’t want to manipulate or leave you hanging. He knows how to turn down other offers/invitations, when he has already committed to being there for you or a completing task.


  • A Boy:
    He looks to give only if there’s something in return. He is constantly tuned into WIIFM (what’s in it for me). He would rather ride someone else’s coattails than have his own skin in the game. He likes a woman to enable him and be his crutch.
  • A Man:
    He likes being a rock that can be leaned on. A resource that can be relied upon. He understands “to whom much is given, much is required.” So he shares because his blessings and breakthroughs come from his generosity not selfishness.


  • A Boy:
    He’s often short-tempered and ready to retaliate whenever he feels wronged or slighted. He yells vs. talks. He fights vs. figuring out a solution. He believes his manhood is based on showing and proving how much fear he bring into a situation.
  • A Man:
    He gets upsets and discouraged at times. But he doesn’t resort to fighting and going on a rampage to solve issues. He may have to take a time out, but knows how to handle conflict resolution and understands that cool heads prevail.

So overall make sure that you pay attention to his behavior, actions, and consistencies. If you learn to spot these, your heart is less likely to be tainted with pain and loads of regret. If you missed Part 1 of this post click here: http://goo.gl/aKXmRW

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